Rodrigo has over 10 years experience in the fields of banking and finance, sustainability and carbon markets. At RAMP Rodrigo has been leading the development of a series of major carbon programs including CDM and voluntary carbon accreditations for Africa’s largest utility. In addition, he has worked on the development of carbon finance solutions for programs involving distribution off-grid lighting technologies and energy efficiency solutions for commercial buildings in Latin America. Rodrigo is currently working on the development of a multi-technology programme for rural households including energy, waste and food solutions.  Prior to founding RAMP, Rodrigo worked as the Head of Latin America for Cool nrg, developing a successful CDM business model in Mexico, and overseeing the development and implementation of the world’s first CDM Program of Activities. As well as providing technical oversight of project baseline studies and monitoring plans, Rodrigo was responsible for engaging with the Mexican Government on the development of PoA approval processes for the Mexican DNA. In 2005 Rodrigo joined corporate social responsibility ratings agency RepuTex focusing on Carbon Management, Risk Assessment and Carbon Finance. Prior to this he worked with Citigroup in New York and Mexico City.
For the past ten years Andres has worked on projects in the fields of media and social responsibility.  Prior to founding RAMP in 2010, Andres worked as Country Manager for Cool nrg in México where he was instrumental in the implementation of the world's first Programmatic CDM – “CUIDEMOS Mexico”.  His work included co-designing the program  with one of the biggest retailers in México, negotiating with government entities and securing support from the country’s leading media company.  Prior to this, Andres launched one of the most successful media campaigns in México promoting youth vote named "Rock the Vote”, significantly increasing youth democratic participation in the country. For this effort,  Andres  was acknowledged with the Social Entrepreneur Award, 2007, presented  by the Mexican Business Council.  Using the knowledge and skills acquired through these projects, Andres provides an opportunity for RAMP’s partners and clients to pursue projects that will combat climate change in a durable and effective way benefiting millions of people around the world.
Manuel has spearheaded the implementation of a range of new environmental technologies in Mexico over the last eight years. In 2005 Manuel founded EarthShell Hidalgo, a company dedicated to the production and distribution of biodegradable foodservice containers. Eartshell´s national clients included Wal-Mart and the ITESM university network. Later, as a representative of i-crete technology, he helped reduce the water and cement consumption of dozens of concrete plants. Manuel co-designed and coordinated the implementation of Cool nrg’s Luz Verde Puebla, a partnership effort combining the skills of the biggest retailers in the country, the largest media group, and millions of citizens to create massive energy savings in the state´s lowest income households. Previously, Manuel had worked as an environmental consultant at Especialistas Ambientales in the fields of soil remediation, Environmental Impact Assessments and waste management. At RAMP, Manuel is leading our expansion in Latin America focusing on the delivery of commercial buildings and transport energy efficiency projects, as well as pursuing the development of innovative conservation programs bringing together corporate and government partners to preserve biodiversity and reduce emissions from deforestation.
Phil has worked in the fields of sustainability, socially responsible investing and carbon markets for the last decade. Phil is a global expert in CDM, particularly Programme of Activities, and brings more than seven years experience working in carbon project design, providing strategic advice on accreditation, development of project documentation and commercialization of carbon assets. At RAMP Carbon Phil has led the development of a diverse range of projects including energy efficient lighting systems for commercial buildings in Southern Africa, methane abatement from rice cultivation in South East Asia, biomass fuel switching for industrial facilities in India and development of a mini-hydro power platform for Chile. In 2011 Phil was appointed to advise the Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency on the development of methodologies for Australia’s Carbon Farming Initiative. This continues Phil’s work on innovative methodologies both in the CDM (collaborating with the World Bank he guided the development of CDM methodology AMS IIJ for residential lighting) and voluntary markets (in Australia he designed the first methodology for efficient lighting projects approved under the Greenhouse Friendly standard).  Prior to founding RAMP, Phil was Head of CDM at project developer Cool nrg and Director of Research at CSR and carbon ratings agency RepuTex where he led a team of analysts in the assessment of the social and environmental risk profiles of S&P 500 companies.



James Grugeon is an experience business leader who has worked at a senior level in the UK and internationally. Prior to joining RAMP, James was CEO of the UK’s oldest environment NGO (Environmental Protection UK), responsible for shaping policy and building multi-­ partner projects to deliver community-­based greenhouse gas reduction through energy efficiency, behaviour change and renewables projects in partnership with leading UK local councils and energy services companies. In a previous CEO role (Cool nrg UK), James led the development and delivery of several high profile and large-­scale energy efficiency projects, building partnerships between energy companies and major commercial entities to deliver carbon and cost savings within regulated markets. This built on senior management experience at the UK’s largest energy services company (Eaga, now Carillion Energy Services) where he sat on the Operating Board and led government, media and investor relations around the provision of major government energy efficiency programs across the UK, the successful acquisition of a number of businesses including the establishment of a renewables arm (which saw the company grow from 500 to 5,000 employees), and ultimately the company’s floatation on the London Stock Exchange. He spent the early part of his career in government relations and policy development for think tanks, trade unions and the private sector, pioneering the first CSR strategy for a FTSE 100 bank (Alliance & Leicester, now part of Santander). James is a graduate of the University of Cambridge Climate Change Leadership Programme. He has been a member of the UK government’s Fuel Poverty Advisory Group and served on the board of the UK Social Enterprise Coalition, as well as being Partnerships Director of the UK 10:10 climate change campaign and the founder of the UK’s first city-wide 10:10 campaign.

Marnie has completed a Bachelor degree, PhD and Post-doctorate in Chemical Engineering, and has over 12 years work experience in air pollution abatement, including fundamental research in SOx, NOx, and dioxin and furan, as well as extensive experience in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions auditing, and GHG emission reduction project origination. Marnie has been working as a consultant in the carbon and climate change industry since 2006 and has conducted assessments for national revegetation projects under the forthcoming Carbon Farming Initiative, a review of biodiversity standards in national and international abatement schemes, reduction of methane emissions from agricultural projects, methodological amendments to biofuel transportation projects, and completed design documentation for a CFL replacement CDM Programme of Activities. Most recently, she has completed eligibility and feasibility assessments for potential Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD)/Improved Forest Management (IFM) projects in Brazil and Mozambique. She is a co-developer of the approved VCS methodology VM0011, “Methodology for Improved Forest Management (IFM) Logged to Protected Forest (LtPF)”, and has also been involved in public consultation reviews for other VCS forestry methodologies (IFM - Extended Age Rotation and IFM - Low to High Productive Forests).
Thierry has more than 8 years experience working in the fields of sustainability and carbon markets. Prior to collaborating with RAMP, Thierry worked for the Victorian based company Cool nrg where he used his research, analytical and modeling skills to identify international carbon market opportunities and provide project development support. Prior to this, Thierry worked for a range of NGO’s and companies in the sustainability field where he helped develop commercial initiatives based on sustainable principles and gained valuable experience working directly with local communities in developing countries primarily in Latin America. Thierry brings a clear understanding of carbon and energy efficiency, regulatory environments and market dynamics, as well as a strong ability to undertake technical, socio-political and regulatory research.  Fluent in French, Spanish and English, Thierry has successfully supported the development of a range of Clean Development Mechanism projects during both the documentation and implementation phases.
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