Abellon Clean Energy  - Biopellets CDM Programme of Activities, India

RAMP Carbon is working with Abellon Clean Energy to develop a CDM Programme of Activities (PoA) involving the utilization of ‘biopellets’ in thermal energy and electricity generation systems across India. RAMP Carbon has helped the Abellon team to design the program, overseen the development of CDM project documentation and will assist Abellon to complete validation and register the PoA. The PoA will significantly reduce pollution while at the same time providing Indian farmers with an additional source of revenue through sales of their crop waste. In recognition of their innovative program, Abellon was recently awarded a prestigious Ashden Award for Sustainable Energy, presented by the Prince of Wales and UK Minister for Climate Change.

This PoA will consist of a series of projects involving the substitution of fossil fuels such as coal and lignite with biopellets manufactured by Abellon to cater to the energy generation requirements of large industrial and manufacturing facilities. Biopellets are a clean, CO2 neutral and convenient fuel, produced from agricultural waste residues such as cotton stalks, which are compressed into pellets under high pressure without using glue or additives.

By turning crop waste and sawdust into pellets that fuel boilers, furnaces and cogeneration systems, RAMP Carbon is helping Abellon to succeed in its mission to reduce both carbon emissions and the volume of black smoke spewed out daily by industry across India.  As one Abellon customer put it: “We used to use lignite and in terms of personal hygiene it wasn’t good. But now we go home, we don’t feel dirty, we feel free.” Mr. D.D Mistry, General Manager, Claris.

Gujarat’s farmers, who have been plagued by erratic rainfall and increased soil salinity are also helped by Abellon, which not only provides 8,500 of them with extra income for their crop residues, but has also set up an NGO – Poornakumbha – to advise them on how to increase crop yields through sustainable practices:  “Our aim isn’t just to make the farmers richer by selling biomass, but to make them richer by improving agricultural practices” Ganeshbai Patel, Poornakumbha trainer.

Abellon currently produces over 65,000 tonnes of biomass pellets a year and aims to open two more pellet plants in Gujarat in the next five years, trebling its production, and expanding operations nationally, as well as into international markets.

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