RAMP Energy Services (RES) is an Australian energy services company and a Division of RAMP Carbon.

The company takes an aggregated approach to achieving energy savings for clients by building and financing strategic partnerships that reduce energy costs and carbon emissions. RES strategies and associated projects deliver real and measurable action on energy efficiency that is credible and scalable and delivers commercial and social value to partners and the communities in which they operate.

RES is led by James Grugeon a highly-skilled business and NGO leader with experience gained in the UK and internationally in building partnerships to deliver large-scale, innovative and demonstrable action on cost savings and carbon reduction through energy efficiency.  Among the first movers in this field, James is supported by experienced directors at RAMP Carbon, bringing to bear their strategic vision and expertise in policy, large­scale project management and carbon trading both internationally and in the Australian market.

In addition to its small, highly skilled and experienced team of directors, the company works in partnership with well established commercial organisations from electrical contractors to energy services companies to product manufacturers and distributors to deliver an integrated consortia approach to projects, managed by the RES team and led by a dedicated project director and manager.

RES works with and employs highly reliable, experienced and skilled partners with significant experience of delivering key components of activity relating to the delivery of energy management strategies and projects to agreed timelines, budgets and standards of customer care and quality.

The company provides end-­to‐end services for energy efficiency project development including management of facilities audits, technology identification, project costing & finance, procurement, installation, monitoring and verification.



RAMP Energy Services has significant experience and expertise in the development and delivery of policy both through it’s work with regulators, governments and international bodies, in particular during periods of transition.  The company advises on the development of, and approaches to, energy efficiency and sustainability as a model for policy and community development, better communication, education and behaviour change.
RES advises clients on how to adapt to, and benefit from, existing and planned regulation of the energy market at state and federal levels.  Strategic advice is based on the development of energy efficiency and sustainability as a strategic business tool, reputation and leadership positioning and the identification of innovative partnership and project opportunities, in particular those that link businesses through their customers to the wider community.


RAMP Energy Services directors and staff have extensive experience of delivering multi partner large-­scale energy efficiency projects involving the supply and installation of millions of energy efficient technologies.  These partners  include Tesco and Sainsbury supermarkets, News International, Gala Coral Group and Mirror Group Newspapers in the UK and multi national organisations in Mexico and South Africa. Acting as project manager for every aspect of the projects from conception to evaluation, the RES team has worked in partnership with leading energy services companies and high quality product manufacturers and distributors in the UK, Europe, Australia, Mexico and South Africa to deliver multi million dollar projects.



The RES approach to the development of energy management strategy is to ensure that it meets the broader commercial strategy of its clients. It’s strategies add significant value to client brand and bottom line not just in terms of the cost savings identified through energy efficiency action, but also in terms of the experience of its customers and its relationship with local communities, its employees and its shareholders.
RES works in a partnership model with well established commercial organisations managed by the RES team and led by a dedicated project director and manager. It employs highly skilled partners with significant experience of delivering key components of activity relating to the implementation of energy management strategies to agreed timelines, budgets and standards of customer care and quality.
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