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Eskom – Gold Standard Carbon Framework for Residential Energy Efficient Lighting, South Africa

RAMP Carbon has been engaged to develop a carbon asset framework to support Eskom’s residential energy efficient lighting initiatives. Eskom is Southern Africa’s largest energy company and produces 95% of South Africa’s electricity. In an effort to reduce growing demand for electricity Eskom has implemented an Integrated Demand Management (IDM) program with the objective of optimising energy use and balancing electricity supply and demand. As part of these efforts Eskom has distributed over 40 million energy saving compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) free to households across South Africa since 2006, and intends to distribute up to 20 million more CFLs in order to maintain energy efficiency gains achieved to date.

RAMP Carbon is working with Eskom to design a range of voluntary and CDM Gold Standard projects and PoA in order to quantify and commercialize the emission reductions associated with the distribution of CFLs to households. RAMP Carbon is responsible for the selection of methodologies, design of monitoring protocols, writing project documentation and managing validation and final registration of each of the projects created under the carbon framework. Once registered, the framework will be one of the largest carbon projects in Africa. This is a flagship project for RAMP Carbon and showcases our capabilities in managing complex carbon asset development assignments, working with some of the largest companies in the developing world.

In addition to energy savings and reduced CO2 emissions, in order to deliver this program, Eskom will engage a large workforce over the short to medium term, to install and maintain the lighting products. This will have positive social impacts in terms of employment through the creation of a number of semi-skilled jobs in Energy Services Companies (ESCOs) and local Universities. It is estimated that for Eskom’s activities over the coming years at least 20,000 jobs will be created in South Africa driving sustainable development within the economy.

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